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Terms & Conditions

Thanks for your interest in test-driving Orion New Zealand Limited’s (we, us, our) 2018 Hyundai Kona Electric car (the Vehicle).

Take a moment to read our EV Experience terms and conditions (the Terms). These Terms apply to your use of our Vehicle.

Who can use the Vehicle?

To use our Vehicle you must either be based in our region of business and be a member of the Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce or be invited by Orion to use the Vehicle.

When can you use the Vehicle?

You can use the Vehicle for the five days that you have booked the Vehicle from us. [We will send you a confirmation email to confirm the dates of your booking.]

You can pick the Vehicle up from our offices at 565 Wairakei Road, Christchurch at any time during business hours from 9am on the Monday of the week of your booking.

You must return the Vehicle to our offices at 565 Wairakei Road, Christchurch by 4pm on the Friday of the week of your booking.

We will be in touch if the Vehicle may not be available (for example if the Vehicle requires servicing). We can cancel your booking at any time for any reason without liability.

How you may use the Vehicle

Only your employees holding a current full New Zealand drivers licence may use the Vehicle. You must keep a record of everyone who uses the Vehicle during your booking.

No pets or other animals are permitted in the Vehicle.

No smoking or vaping is permitted in the Vehicle.

The Vehicle must only be driven on sealed, public roads.

You must comply with (and ensure any person who drives the Vehicle during your booking complies with) all applicable laws and regulations and all New Zealand road rules.

You will return the Vehicle to us in a tidy condition, rubbish free. But don’t try and clean or service the Vehicle yourself.

We can immediately take the Vehicle back if you breach these Terms.

Charging the Vehicle

We will provide charging cables so that you can charge the Vehicle using a standard three pin socket or charging station.

You are responsible for the costs of recharging the Vehicle. But if you charge the Vehicle at a public electric vehicle charging station using our tag we will cover the cost of the charge.

What if the Vehicle runs out of charge or becomes stranded?

If the Vehicle becomes stranded contact Hyundai Roadside Assist at 0800 498 632 for help.

Payments relating to the Vehicle

Use of the Vehicle is free, but you must promptly pay any traffic or parking fines or other fines or fees resulting from your (or any person you permit to drive the Vehicle) use of the Vehicle. If we pay a fine on your behalf we can recover that amount from you.

Insurance of the Vehicle

Our motor vehicle insurance has a $2,000 deductible. You are responsible for paying the deductible if any event causing us to make an insurance claim occurs while the Vehicle is in your (or any of your employees’) possession.

You must promptly report any mechanical faults, accidents, damage or theft of the Vehicle within 4 hours of any such event occurring by calling 0800 363 9898.

Responsibility for the Vehicle

All warranties and representations are excluded, including (to the extent permitted by law) those expressed or implied by law, regardless of the legal basis. You agree that the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 does not apply as the Vehicle is being made available by us in trade and used by you in trade and it is fair and reasonable in the circumstances that the act does not apply.

We will not have any liability to you or any third party for any loss, damage or injury arising from any use by you or any third party of the Vehicle or otherwise in connection with these Terms, regardless of the legal basis of liability.


You authorise us to collect and hold personal information about you and your employees for the purposes of the Booking, anything contemplated by these Terms or any related purpose. You authorise us to disclose personal information held by us for the purposes set out above, and in our privacy statement (see www.oriongroup.co.nz/privacy-statement), to any other parties.

You agree to provide us with a photo of you using the Vehicle and provide a quote regarding your experience using the Vehicle for use by us in promoting the EV experience and the Vehicle on our website and in related media.

Other matters

The Terms apply to the exclusion of all other terms. These Terms constitute the entire agreement between you and us with respect to the matters contemplated by these Terms and supersede any previous agreements, arrangements or understandings between you and us.


Orion have EROAD installed in all our vehicles to assist us in managing health and safety outcomes and improve fleet utilisation. The colour coded digital speed display delivers instant feedback to the driver as to whether driving is within the speed limit, marginally over or indeed, way over. We ask that you please adhere to all designated speed limits. Where EROAD identifies excessive over speed events or other dangerous driving we will contact you and ask you to return the EV Experience vehicle to us.

The Vehicle remains our property at all times.